Dualomo™ Hybrid Test Rides – Riley from PA

As many of you know, we’re producing almost 70% of this board in the USA.   That’s pretty rare in today’s age, especially when nearly ALL electric boards on the market (even the big ones you know) are made, assembled and often ship directly from a Chinese factory.

Our designs, tooling and production are taking place all over the country from New York to Pennsylvania to Florida to California.  To get it all done and DONE WELL, we’ll be hopping around the country alot during the next 5 months while we finalize production of the Dualomo™ Hybrid.

Along the way we’ll be connecting with riders and doing Test Rides.   If you live in one of the USA and are jonesin’ to ride the Dualomo Hybrid, keep a keen eye on our social media, especially our Instagram Stories.  If you see that we’re coming to a town near you, shoot us a DM and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

Yesterday we ran into Riley while traveling through Pennsylvania.  Riley is a mostly street skater who didn’t have much experience on electric boards.  We explained to him the hybrid idea and, needless to say, he was stoked!  For a minute we thought he was going to power away and disappear with our board.  Good thing we had another one to chase him down with!

Why We Made It – Dualomo™ Hybrid Board

We heard the call of riders who wanted a power-assist function for up hills and long commutes, but who insist that PUSHING and PUMPING are still essential elements of all skateboarding.  In response, we designed a hub-motor & software system that is easier to push whether the board is off or on.

In other words, it’s a powerful electric vehicle when you want that, and a high-performance traditional longboard when you don’t.  Hence we dubbed it the “Dualomo Hybrid”.

We rode every brand-name electric board on the market and were left bored time after time.  None of them pushed, pumped or carved like the traditional boards we were used to.  They were stiff, heavy and unresponsive;  and generally made us feel like crash test dummies holding a Wii controller and flying down 5th avenue on the hood of a riding lawnmower.

We had a vision for something more fun, more practical and more like a skateboard.  Tired of waiting, we began developing our own design and technology.  After a year of perfecting our electronics, we teamed up with Bustin Boards to create a board unlike anything we’ve seen before;  a hard-carving, push-friendly, ultra-fast hybrid electric skateboard.

Our Collaboration Sportster (E)Core™ with Bustin Boards

We partnered with Bustin Boards Co. because we felt like too many electric boards on the market were being built by people who understood technology, but who DID NOT understand skateboards.  Many underestimate the detail that goes into creating an exceptional riding experience. As fans and customers, we knew that the crew at Bustin understood this better than anyone.

Together with their team we created a modified version of their Sportster (E)CORE board that PUSHES and PUMPS like a #BustinBoard, but with the added remote controlled POWER of our own pride and joy, the Dualomo Electric Drivetrain.

Vote Your Color

We’re into the final development stage of our collaborative board with Bustin Boards Co and we’re playing with some color schemes.

Help us narrow down the choices by choosing your TOP 2 favorite colorways.

What color scheme would you ride first? (choose top 2)

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Dualomo™ Give-Away Contest

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Only a few more days to get 50% OFF through our Indiegogo Campaign.

To help raise awareness for our project, we’re GIVING AWAY the first production model to come off the line!  See contest details and the (3) ways to enter below!

Contest Rules & Details:

What You Win – A premium edition Dualomo™ x Bustin Boards™ Hybrid Skateboard, complete the custom Thermoglass™ Bustin deck, Dualomo powertrain & Controller, Quick-Replace Five-O Wheels, custom truck setup using Paris Truck™ components and premium Bustin Built-In Ceramic Bearings.  You will be able to choose between any of the (5) available colors.

Ways To Enter – You have three unique ways to enter the giveaway contest (you will receive ONE entry for each of these three actions – meaning you can receive up to 3 unique entries to win):
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Contest Details – This contest will run through the the duration of our Indiegogo Campaign, at which point we will choose a winner.
–  The winner will be chosen at RANDOM from the entries we receive.
– To win you MUST be signed up for our newsletter and have commented tagging (3) friends on our Facebook and/or Instagram contest pages.  We will verify before we finalize the winner.
-If you purchased the Dualomo™ Hybrid Board through the Indiegogo campaign and you win the contest, we will REFUND your money and send you the board for free!
– The winner will receive their board when we finish our first production run after completing the Indiegogo campaign (estimated first deliveries will begin in March 2019).
– There is no purchase necessary, but we do encourage you to keep an eye on the Early Bird deals being released on the Indiegogo Campaign Page!  This will be your chance to get a super duper extra rad deal on the new board.