Dualomo™ Hybrid Test Rides – Riley from PA

As many of you know, we’re producing almost 70% of this board in the USA.   That’s pretty rare in today’s age, especially when nearly ALL electric boards on the market (even the big ones you know) are made, assembled and often ship directly from a Chinese factory.

Our designs, tooling and production are taking place all over the country from New York to Pennsylvania to Florida to California.  To get it all done and DONE WELL, we’ll be hopping around the country alot during the next 5 months while we finalize production of the Dualomo™ Hybrid.

Along the way we’ll be connecting with riders and doing Test Rides.   If you live in one of the USA and are jonesin’ to ride the Dualomo Hybrid, keep a keen eye on our social media, especially our Instagram Stories.  If you see that we’re coming to a town near you, shoot us a DM and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

Yesterday we ran into Riley while traveling through Pennsylvania.  Riley is a mostly street skater who didn’t have much experience on electric boards.  We explained to him the hybrid idea and, needless to say, he was stoked!  For a minute we thought he was going to power away and disappear with our board.  Good thing we had another one to chase him down with!

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