Why We Made It – Dualomo™ Hybrid Board

We heard the call of riders who wanted a power-assist function for up hills and long commutes, but who insist that PUSHING and PUMPING are still essential elements of all skateboarding.  In response, we designed a hub-motor & software system that is easier to push whether the board is off or on.

In other words, it’s a powerful electric vehicle when you want that, and a high-performance traditional longboard when you don’t.  Hence we dubbed it the “Dualomo Hybrid”.

We rode every brand-name electric board on the market and were left bored time after time.  None of them pushed, pumped or carved like the traditional boards we were used to.  They were stiff, heavy and unresponsive;  and generally made us feel like crash test dummies holding a Wii controller and flying down 5th avenue on the hood of a riding lawnmower.

We had a vision for something more fun, more practical and more like a skateboard.  Tired of waiting, we began developing our own design and technology.  After a year of perfecting our electronics, we teamed up with Bustin Boards to create a board unlike anything we’ve seen before;  a hard-carving, push-friendly, ultra-fast hybrid electric skateboard.

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    1. Here is some detail from our newsletter sent out on Friday.. hope that helps!

      Many have been asking about launch dates and pricing, so here we are with good news all around.

      The Dualomo™ Hybrid will launch on Indiegogo on September 5th and boards will ship to customers in March.  The campaign will last 30 days and represent the ONLY place you can buy this board until it hits stores in late 2019.

      To support our followers and early-adopters, we’re offering some awesome deals which will ONLY be available during this Indiegogo launch campaign:

      Early Bird Deal – For the first 100 backers.
      $799 for the Dualomo™ Hybrid Board
      (normally $1799)

      Standard Campaign Deal – For the entire 30-day campaign.
      $899 for the Dualomo™ Hybrid Board
      (normally $1799)

      Double Decker Deal – For the entire 30-day campaign.
      $1699 for (2) Dualomo™ Hybrid Boards
      (normally $3,599)

  1. Great thinking glad you’re on it. I have a question. Does it free coast in powered mode. So if I’m at speed do I have to disengage to cruise. Like if I come to an incline can I just let off power or turn off?

    1. I think I follow and, yes, it will coast the same in POWER MODE as it does with the POWER OFF. That’s one of the essential features, so you can you use it like a hybrid board. You can toggle between pushing and using the remote as you ride.

  2. Hello
    I want to buy one the one that costs $1699 for (2) Dualomo™ Hybrid Boards

    Juan Luis Salas Saiz
    Urb: Montecarlo, Paseo de los Rosales 78.
    Zip Code: 45600 Talavera de la Reina
    ( Toledo ) Spain
    Tlf: 0034609562616 Mobile

  3. I own a Acton Blink QU4TRO! I Purchased my board through the indiegogo Acton campaignl. Delays delays and more delays, has made me reluctant to purchase any future products through early campaign purchasing. I love your concept and I’m interested in your final product (DUALOMO), but I personally would wait until it’s a done deal, tried & true…

    1. Thomas – we have not heard of an Acton Blink, but sorry that happened. From what we’ve heard there are alot of Chinese companies popping up and piece-mealing these generic brands and selling in places like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Alibaba, etc. We can’t say for sure if thats whats happened with Acton, but its definitely important to figure out whos behind the brands your backing.

      This is one of the reasons we wanted to partner with a real skate brand like Bustin Boards. People know them and their quality, and they know that they arent going to participate in something that doesnt follow through.

      Another key point is that we’re doing all of the production and assembly here in the USA. There are some parts like batteries and circuit boards that we’ll importing to use in our design, but they make up less than 30% of the parts we’ll use. Having the boards made and assembled in the USA not only supports local economies, but more importantly assures our backers that the boards are being made and being made WELL! We currently have all of the tooling and molds setup at our partner factories in the USA and are ready to crank as soon as the campaign ends. We’re communicating that our delivery will be March/April, but its likely that we will ship earlier than that.

      Bottom line – ‘UNDER PROMISE, OVER DELIVER’. Hope that helps, thanks man!

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